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Our industry-changing Platform gives you the ability to complete even some of the most challenging title policies in just a few minutes. But easy policy preparation is just the beginning. We also securely store all policies generated through the Platform, giving you the ability to search policies 24/7/365. And our click-to-mail solutions make sending (and tracking) policy docs electronically or by postal mail as easy as clicking a few buttons.

PREPARE   plus 

Our cloud-based policy solutions allow you to create even some of the most challenging policies in 5 minutes or less. No formatting, no adjusting. A perfect final title policy every time!

STORE   plus

All polices are stored in our secure Polices Plus Vault, and you’ll have the ability to access your policies 24/7/365.

plus   DELIVER 

No more stuffing envelopes or high postage costs. Simply drag and drop your policy into a folder and with a few clicks of a button, the policy will get postal mailed or emailed.

plus   TRACK 

All policies delivered via our Platform are tracked through our system, meeting ALTA’s best practices and ensuring delivery. Plus, you can view daily, weekly or monthly delivery reports.

Why use the Policies Plus Platform?

Realistically speaking, our Platform could mean the difference between hundreds of hours of time per year wasted on typing policies by hand vs. the ability to process even some of the most challenging policies in minutes. But that’s just the beginning. With features such as cloning, editing and electronic delivery, our Platform is literally revolutionizing the title insurance industry.


Policy Widget – Pull a jacket… Generate the policy.

Fast remittance – Because policies are instantly delivered, remittance is much faster!

Centralized policy storage and delivery; Access your policies 24/7/365.

Policy processing center solutions – Turnkey policy processing solutions available.

100% tracked policies.


Policies Plus processing solution will prepare, store, send and track your policies for you.

Do it yourself software! Quickly create and deliver your own policies using our software.

Save money on paper, ink, and overhead with our delivery and storage system.

Stay compliant with ALTA's delivery best practices by using our policy tracking solution.

Trigger notifications available.

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