What is Policies Plus?

Policies Plus is the breath of fresh air that professionals in the title insurance industry have been searching for. At our core, we’re a software company dedicated to revolutionizing the way companies and agents process title policies through our proprietary platform.

But our platform is just the beginning; our team of industry insiders and seasoned sales, marketing and IT professionals is transforming the industry through smart solutions powered by technology.

What makes Policies Plus different?

Realistically speaking, our Platform could mean the difference between hundreds of hours of time per year wasted on typing policies by hand vs. the ability to process even some of the most challenging policies in just a few minutes. No more headaches, no more wasted time. The solution you’ve been searching for has arrived.

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What is the Policies Plus Platform?

Designed by industry insiders, our proprietary Platform is revolutionizing the way agents and companies process, store and send title policies.

Our industry-changing platform gives agencies the ability to complete even the most challenging title policies in just a few minutes. Best of all, we securely store all policies generated through the Platform, giving both agents and clients the ability to access policies 24/7/365.

Do I need to download software?

Nope. Our software is completely cloud-based and secure, so you can simply login to your account from any computer or device.

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Do I need lots of industry experience to process a policy using the Platform?

Nope. Whether you have 20 years of experience or are just starting in the industry, the Platform makes the process fast and easy. In fact, our simple 4-step process enables you to generate even some of the most challenging title policies in just a few minutes.

If the buyers' names are different on the deed and mortgage, can we enter the names as they appear on each document?

Yes! We know that sometimes a deed may have the buyers’ full names while the mortgage does not use middle initials. Our software lets you modify this as-needed to ensure your mortgage descriptions match the recorded mortgage as well as the correct vesting of the property.

How will I print and get my policy jackets from the underwriter?

We are currently in the process of integrating our system with each underwriter, which will enable you to pull jackets automatically in the future. However, at this time we ask that you pull your policy jackets directly from the underwriter’s website, and print and/or save them from there. But rest assured that we’re working overtime to get the integration ready as soon as possible!

Which underwriters does Policies Plus work with?

We work with all underwriters, including Chicago Title, Fidelity National Title, First American Title, North American Title, Old Republic Title, Stewart Title, TICOR Title, Westcor Title, and more.

Does Policies Plus have liability insurance?

We sure do! In fact, we carry a professional liability policy of $1 Million to protect our customers.